Business Services
There's an old saying: If you don't know your destination how will you know when you get there?  Many small to medium businesses have never created a business plan.  All too often a simple mission statement or measureable goals are considered  too academic, and as a consquence the company has no road map or direction.
Is strategic planning really necessary?  How about operations research?  Marketing research?  Distribution channel development?  Sales analysis or advertising effective-ness?  The answer is "It depends."  If you are the only business in town, maybe not.  But on the other hand if you want to expand or diversify or just generate  more profits, then it might just pay to consider the merits of basic research and planning.
Over the past 25 years we have consulted with businesses in a variety of industries.  As a result of this experience, we are able to provide insights into research, planning and management that are more comprehensive than can be provided with only a general business background.

Following is a brief list of industries we have worked with over the years:

• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Consumer Products Wholesale / Retail
• Building Materials Resellers
• Real Estate Computer System Developers
• Resort and Vacation Rental
• Direct Sales
• Ecommerce
• Tourist Attractions
• Printing Services
• Export and Import Companies
• Preventive Healthcare Services
• Green Energy Companies

Take the first step by making an appointment for a free consultation and let us provide you the next steps on your journey to updating your operations or if you choose let PACSOTEC help you with the details.

We can provide you with guidelines on setting up a Business Plan or developing a Strategic Plan, while quantifying your goals and evaluating your operations through a better understanding of the marketing factors.

Iif you need to update your systems, we can recommend solutions as detailed under IT services above.

Lastly, we can provide training in both Business and IT applications, assisting you to fast track integration of these technologies designed to meet your business goals and objectives.

We are always aware that Return on Investment (ROI) should be one of the primary decision factors whenever you decide to upgrade any part of your business and we will show you how to quantify confidence.

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