Information Technology is essential for successful operations for the majority of all companies in today's business world.  To remain competitive it becomes necessary to automate the various functions within a company such as finance, accounting, warehousing, inventory, cost, scheduling, marketing, sales, advertising, human resource and customer management and product distribution (to list a few) in an ever increasing mobile world.

The business world has moved beyond basic management tools into more compre-hensive systems such as
Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relations Management (CRM), Interactive Website Platforms, etc.
PACSOTEC is experienced in setting up or upgrading a variety of systems including Windows and Linux.  We are also experienced in server and cloud based ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce systems.  We can recommend a full range of systems to fit your needs and budget for small or medium sized businesses.

Learn the advantages of managing your business from your smart phone and give your employees tools that will make them more productive and profitable for your business.  Call today and set up an appointment to review your needs.  928-358-8648
PACSOTEC has installed systems or developed websites for businesses in a wide range of industries.
PACSOTEC can design, build and implement a website for your company that will increase your company's visabilty on both local and national levels within the budget you establish  while producing a return on your investment.   Learn how to market and sell on-line.
Below is a partial list of ERP & CRM / Ecommerce solutions that we can help you  implement.